Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting the Irish Times at 5AM...

setting out for quarterly meeting

(Another early morning - about 5am)

I was up at 5am to pick up a copy this morning, my local only gets two. They didn't get theirs, so I took a ride on my pusher bike, from St. Marks (8th street on the east side,) up to far west 42nd, and was able to get a few copies. I hadn't expected the ride, so like a eejit, I was out without a camera... a rare thing. There was the pulitzer photo... two young women in black cocktail dresses walking down the middle of Broadway in the upper 30s, each wearing one shoe of a pair, and barefoot on the other... ah well, New York just before sunrise is a magic place. Egan is taking me wonderful places already and seeing sights...

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